Joanne Holbrook has spent the last 16 years researching how parents around the world raise their children all while raising her own family on four different continents, five countries, and five U.S. States.

Joanne has consolidated these experiences into her four time award winning book "Your Passport to Parenting," online courses, speaking events, and workshops to help parents discover successful parenting techniques used around the world.

As a military spouse, a middle and high school performing arts teacher, and experienced parenting coach, Joanne assists parents in discovering hundreds of successful techniques and guides them to design their own unique parenting plan to bring happiness and joy into their home.

Her courses have been attended, accessed and loved by hundreds of parents all over the world.

“Joanne Holbrook has provided what every other parenting book has long overlooked: that many ways exist to be a good parent, and just because you do things differently, doesn’t mean you are doing them wrong. In Your Passport to Parenting, she provides tips from around the world about how to raise happy, well-behaved children without having to try to keep up with other parents. This is a breath of fresh air among parenting books.”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD and Award-Winning Author of When Teddy Came to Town, Michigan, USA

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